Sacred Sexuality

“We exist…because of sex. It’s not something to be afraid of. It’s something to honor. To enjoy.”
~Sun, Sense8

Welcome to my temple.
This page is dedicated to, what I consider to be, the most sacred of all art forms.
Sacred Sexuality.

In my vision, Sexual Energy sits at the foundation of who we are as human beings.
It is our source of creation.
Our Origin.
We all have started our journey here, when an egg and a sperm decided to let go of what they were individually,
and surrendered to each other into a greater wisdom, in a sacred union, that ended up in being you, and me, and every human being that is alive right now.

In the same time,
Sexual Energy is one, of many keys, to the door that can takes us to meet the most sacred aspects of who we are are.
A path back to ourselves.
An encounter with the Divine Love.

Sacred Sexuality is coming full circle.

My journey with sacred sexuality started back in 2014.
I was in search of my own womanhood, facing questions about my masculine and feminine energies, my role in a relationship, and my service to the world. It was then that I met my teacher and my dear friend Amala, and started on this path.
With every step and every new discovery, I healed , I learned , I practiced, I unveiled, I allowed myself to get ,more and more intimate with the energy of sacred sexuality, and as with everything that touches my soul, the desire to serve others from this new found place inside of me, emerged naturally.

I believe  that, as grown up individuals, we can use the tools of this art, to get to the core of who we are and tap into the infinite power of creation that lies within all of us.

Lalita Devi – Priestess of Sacred Sexuality Consecration to the work of Sacred Sexuality, December 2015

So what do I do as a Priestess of Sacred Sexuality?

I open and hold space for you to ground into your own sexual truth and expand into the pleasure of being who you are.

I use tools like: breathing techniques, dance, body awareness, touch, movement, sound, massage, meditation, creative visualisation and music.

I guide you to places inside yourself where you can heal, celebrate, enjoy and expand yourself.

Here is the more practical aspect of working with me in the area of Sacred Sexuality.

I offer processes of 5 sessions or punctual sessions.
I work with both men and women.

The process of 5 sessions is designed based on your personal needs. Starting at a basic level of Sacred Sexuality and evolving from session to session to more intense and deeper levels. There are action steps to be taken in between the sessions and follow up from my side from session to session, so we can keep track of your progress.
The sessions happen in person, in Lisbon or Vila Franca de Xira. Each meeting last 1hour and a half up to 2 hours. The frequency of the sessions are set according to our availability and progress of your process. We´ll start the process only after you receive from me a set of principles of working together and after I receive from you a filled in questionnaire that I will send to you.

If you are looking for an authentic and profound exploration of your sexuality , than this process if for you.
Contact me here

If you already know or are more confident in the area of Sacred Sexuality, and you are looking for an expansion of your senses, than a punctual session is what you are looking for.
A standard meeting last for maximum 2 hours and includes a full body massage with a final breathing technique. Nevertheless, a punctual session can also be customised on your needs based on an open conversation of what exactly you are looking for.

Contact me here and we can take it further right away.