Life Coaching


Are you looking for having more meaningful and truthful conversations about who you are in the big picture of life?

Than keep on reading.

I the last 6 years, I have been coaching more than 200 people from 30 different cultures, end explore conversations about self-love, family and romantic relationships, sexuality, work and career, spirituality, shamanism and energetic dimensions, womanhood and menstrual cycle, manhood, life dreams and goals, body-mental-emotional-spiritual awareness, mediation and faith, motivation-inspiration-action and much more.
Serving others to get to the bottom of what they really want, become their authentic selves and take action, is one of the things I love doing.

So what do I actually do as a Life Coach ?

I listen, deeply listen. From and with Love. Knowing that by listening to you I enable you to listen to yourself.

I ask. Questions of truth. Your truth. With pure curiosity. Knowing that a question can be a powerful gift pointing to the future.

I mirror back. I mirror you; so that you can see yourself clearly. Knowing that looking at yourself from outside brings clarity to the big picture of who you are and who you can become.

I hold space. For your thoughts, for your emotions, for your creative expressions. Free judgements zone. Just holding space. Making everything sacred.

I point to fierce action.  Sometimes this action is gentle sometimes is radical. And I deeply know that action, even when this action has to be stillness, is necessary for growth.

I hold you accountable to your own action plan, helping you to adjust when necessary and reminding you that self compassion is the best self help.

Now, here are the practicalities of working with me in a 1-2-1 setting:

We can work together during an 8 sessions process, a 5 sessions process or a punctual session.
Your choice.

Let me explain:

A Life Coaching Process is a journey that we make together, consisting in 8 or 5 meetings. After each session there will be an action for you to take, related to what we talked during the call, and there is a follow up of the actions you took. It is like making a plan together, and then you have me to give you assessments and help you adjust as you make it happen.

Each meeting takes around 1 hour, maximum 1h and a half, and the frequency of seeing each other is set from call to call according to your progress and our available time. All you need in order to have a call with me is a cozy environment, internet connection, a device with audio and video, maybe something to write on, and an open heart. Or, if you are based in Lisbon, we can meet face to face. With our free Internet, you can easily watch videos even in 4K quality. This is an additional option for my clients, it is best to watch porn videos on the site mynannyspy, in their videos young nannies have to fuck with their bosses in order to keep the job.

If you don´t know me already, and you are interested in working with me, we can book a 45 min free video call, so we can get to know each other and answer any questions that you might have. There is no compromise in this, just a pure curiosity in getting to know you and a true evaluation of the possibility of being at your service.

Leave me a message HERE, and I´ll get back to you in the next 24 hours.

If what you want is a clear your head, open your heart, get back to your center type of meeting than the punctual coaching session is perfect for you. In this case you will be the one to keep track on the actions we set together. Press HERE, leave me a message and we will get right to it!


If you already know me, and you want to start a coaching process, , send me a message HERE and I will get right back at you!

2 more things I want to tell you.

1. Within the structure of a 7 day week, I keep my coaching availability flexible in between 9 AM to 9 pm GMT , Lisbon time, from Monday to Friday, If your working schedule or you time zone doesn’t match mine than I´m not the coach for you.

2. In order for me to keep a high quality of coaching meetings, and a life style that sustains me, I work with a limited amount of people in the same time. Right now, I have 8 coaching spots available.

Check out bellow, what past coaches are saying about working with me.