Introducing myself has always been an opportunity to create myself, so here is where I am right now.

I am all for the profound and clear truth. The truth of who I really am.
My path these days is finding ways of manifesting writing-help.com review, expressing and serving my truth in the most authentic way.

I value Connection that feels like Intimacy.
Authenticity that feels like Freedom.
and Creative Expression that brings me Joy.

Originally from Romania, I made Portugal my home for the last decade and I see myself as a world citizen. I deeply feel that we are one humanity, one big tribe, a huge family, sharing the same home, Pachamama, a spaceship that is taking us on a continuously unfolding journey through space.

Educated in the academic world of Economics, I truly started to find myself when contributing and serving those around me. A service rooted in love, where I hold space for the purest conversations and expressions of emotions, ideas, physical experiences, group dynamics and the essence of who we are as spiritual human beings.

Multi-passionate entrepreneur, I am exploring different realms like self-inquiry, sacred sexuality, body awareness, shamanism and womanhood.  My interests vary from spending time in nature and getting my hands dirty, journaling and dancing, to creating online communities and connecting with people from all around the world.

Devoted to my growth and to the people I choose to surround myself with, I keep on learning from the complexity of human relationships and discover new ways to Love.

Thank you for reading me.
Much Love.